Nigeria Ponders Mathematical Solution To Cultism



Nigeria is looking at using mathematics to solve crimes, especially those perpetrated by young people in the country.

Specifically, the Nigeria Police Force is looking at the possibility of using a mathematical model developed by Dikeoha Okwu, a Nigerian Professor of Mathematics who has developed several games for children and adults to curb cultism among children and youths.

Okwu’s innovation builds mathematics into athletics and games using popular topics taught on the subject as a way of developing interest in the subject and simplify its learning among children.

The Nigeria Police is looking at how to build the module into their Campaign Against Cultism and Other Vices (POCACOV).

According to the National Coordinator of POCACOV, Ebere Amaraizu, the Police aims to use Dikeohamatics’ tools to achieve its objective of “Self Discovery for National Security, Growth and Development”, adding that this would further have great impact on public safety and security in line with the community-oriented policing methodology being embraced by the force.

Okwu’s Dikeohamatics has been endorsed by Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Education, National Mathematical Centre Abuja, Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council and Nigeria School Sport Federation respectively.

“I want to assure you that if children and youths embrace this game/sports, it will help them in simplifying and understanding mathematics and promote the spirit of self-discovery, problem solving and entrepreneurial values among others,’’ National Coordinator of POCACOV said.

Amaraizu explained that the game enables its players to understand mathematics and as well know how to solve mathematics and by that automatically starts enjoying mathematics.

“It is quite engaging to the extent that its players may not have time for truant behaviours, short-cut as well as violent behaviours just to mention but a few. This will help to sharpen our children and youths entrepreneurial values and skills as well as making them to discover themselves and their potential,” he said.

At the meeting with the police in Enugu, Okwu said the disposition of the current Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, to self-discovery was the reason for the partnership request to the Police Force. According to him, it was his own way of contributing to the ongoing police programme on youth value re-orientation and efforts aimed at curbing cultism and other vices.

“I want to stop the chalk and talk monotony of teaching mathematics to make our children love maths in merrymaking,” Okwu said.




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