Troops using metal detectors to detect mines

Nigeria is set to assume a scientific dimension to the fight against terrorism as the country’s institute for chemical technology is currently developing scientific means of detecting and immobilising Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) used by terrorists to attack unsuspecting citizens.

In an interview featured by Channels TV, Prof. Jeffrey Barminas, Director General of Nigeria’s National Research Institute for Chemical Technology (NARICT), Zaria, kaduna State, said the institute has a project facility that is fitted with the capability to carry out Chemical, biological and radiological decontamination from equipment or humans, including terrorists who may have strapped them on for suicide bombing purpose.

He said, “There is a project we have. We call it chemical, biological and radiological decontamination facility. We use ICT to run the facility and with this we can detect an Improvised Explosive device (IED) that terrorists use.”

Explaining further, Prof Barminas said the facility can also be used to detect a nude bomb.

“A terrorist could carry the raw material of a bomb on their body into the society. With radiation, these would be released into the society, and a lot of people may die from this. But with the facility that we have can detect this,” the NARICT DG said.

Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear decontamination is used to reduce radiation burden, salvage equipment  and materials, remove some of such contaminants that may be on the loose, and fix the remaining in place preparatory for protective storage or permanent disposal work activities.

Decontamination may be carried out using chemical, electrochemical, and mechanical means.

Like materials, humans could also be contaminated with Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear contamination.

Prof. Barminas who described COVID-19 as a biological weapon said NARICT has products that could be used to contain the virus.

“In the case of COVID-19, Nanotechnology is best to use in fighting the virus. In Italy a start-up requested the government to allow them use nanosilver to help them exterminate the virus. They were allowed and they exterminated the virus. We have products made of nano silver that can exterminate this biological weapon. COVID-19 is a biological weapon, no matter how you look at it,” he said.


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