COVID-19: Isolation Centres In Northern Nigerian State To Get Broadband Internet Access



All Isolation centers in Sokoto, a north-western state in Nigeria are to be provided with Broadband Internet Connection.  This, as proposed by Konnect Africa, a subsidiary of the European Telecommunications Satellite Organization, EUTELSAT Communications is to enable real-time connection of centers as a bastion for effective coordination of medical services and improved the care offered to those being treated of COVID-19 at such centres.

According to their proposal, using telemedicine each of the isolation centres will benefit from free broadband connectivity to be deployed through the partnership with Coollink, a foremost Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Nigeria.

By this gesture, Konnect joins the fight of several African governments to combat Covid-19 by increasing access to care for the greatest number of people.

Commenting on the agreement, Jean-Claude Tshipama, CEO of Konnect Africa, said: “This operation demonstrates our ability to meet as quickly as possible the connectivity needs of institutional and commercial structures, even in complex times like these. We want Sokoto State to benefit from our expertise and the quality of our broadband services by providing FREE connectivity to all isolation centers.”

Shahin Nouri, CEO of Coollink, added: “Helping the Sokoto State Government to provide free satellite internet services to isolation centers is very important to us. It shows our engagement to deliver high-speed Internet anywhere in Nigeria and to help communities in crisis. Eutelsat Konnect has been a very important partner for us, and with such initiatives, is showing its commitment to the Nigerian market.”

Sokoto State Government Commissioner for Health, Dr. Muhammad Ali Inname said: “Konnect has shown great concern towards the good people of Sokoto state by providing internet connectivity to three Covid-19 Isolation centers in the state. This gesture will go a long way in facilitating the management of Covid-19 patients in the state.”

Konnect, in partnership with Coollink, has been operating in Nigeria since 2017, with the ambition of offering broadband connectivity to all segments of the population, in particular those located in unserved or underserved areas.

With a total capacity of 75 Gbps, EUTELSAT KONNECT will be able to provide very high speed Internet of up to 100 Mbps, guaranteeing full coverage of Nigeria and 40 other African countries.




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