The African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) is collaborating with the National Agricultural Extension and Research Liaison Services (NAERLS) to provide useful and timely information to farmers across Nigeria on the appropriate use of the PBR Cowpea technology.

Recall the PBR Cowpea (SAMPEA 20-T), a genetically modified cowpea variety, developed by the Institute for Agricultural Research, ABU, Zaria was officially named, registered and approved in Nigeria in December 2019 for onward release to farmers for cultivation.

The signed agreement between AATF and the Ahmadu Bello University based NAERLS for the implementation of the collaboration noted that both organizations will bring their expertise and wealth of experience to bear in the training of farmers and extension workers across the country.

It also said that with the technical support of Institute for Agricultural Research, Zaria and AATF, NAERLS is expected to coordinate extension services and develop training modules that target relevant players in the cowpea value chain across the country.

Prof. Emmanuel Ikani, Technical Coordinator, AATF-NAERLS collaboration noted that: “the agreement entails the development of modules, training of 600 extension agents and 6000 farmers on the appropriate use of the PBR Cowpea technology.

NAERLS on the strengths of its capabilities and experience as an agricultural extension research and liaison services has the capacity and equipment for effective service delivery in core activities of Extension services, Research and Training and will be able to deliver the expected outputs in this agreement.”

NAERLS will also develop and dissemination of audience participatory gender sensitive e-extension services using the National Farmers helpline and social media platforms to deploy PBR cowpea information.

Other responsibilities to be undertaken by NAERLS include the development and management of youth-friendly, gender sensitive radio and TV programmes as well as multi-media packages to increase awareness and promote adoption of PBR Cowpea.

NAERLS according to the agreement will also facilitate the development and dissemination of simple, user-friendly extension support publications that will provide the public the right information on PBR Cowpea



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